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smart toys for kids gyro helicopter s107 nerf n-strike stampede blaster fisher price big foot monster kids building set

Smart Toys For Kids

There has never been a larger number of smart toys for kids on the market than there are today. More than a hundred years ago smart toys for kids would have meant chess and draughts. Two hundred years before that, it would have meant a light weight archery set. In the early Nineteenth Century construction games like Meccano started to come to the market, then train sets and Lego. Nowadays, most of the smart toys for kids are electronic.

Smart Toys For Kids

You can actually interpret the phrase 'smart toys for kids' in two ways: firstly, toys that teach children something or teach themhow to think, like chess; and secondly, smart toys that have some low form of deductive power all of its own, like walking robots that turn around when they bump into a wall.

No matter how you interpret smart toys for kids, you should find something on this site to satisfy your requirements, whether it be traditional, thinking, board games, or modern smart toys for kids with (rechargeable) batteries in them.

Check out the gyro helicopter S107, it represents remarkable value for money.

Gyro Helicopter S107

The latest models of the Syma remote control series are the gyro helicopter S107. The Gyro helicopter S107 has a new improved gyro technology for better control and more accurate stunts. There is no assembly needed for this popular helicopter, which will give no end of fun. What is more the Gyro Helicopter S107 runs on rechargeable batteries (and so does its handset) and the full range of spares is available, should you crash it.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede Blaster

Kids, especially boys, like toy guns that actually fire something and this is where the Nerf n-Strike Stampede Blaster comes in. The Nerf n-Strike Stampede Blaster can be reconfigured into several styles and it has a reloadable magazine of 18 soft projectiles, which can be fired at the rate of three per second to a range of 30 feet or more. The Nerf n-Strike Stampede Blaster is one of Nerf's most awesome weapons.

Fisher Price Big Foot Monster

The Imaginext Fisher Price Big Foot monster is an extremely popular interactive smart toy for kids. The Fisher Price Big Foot monster comes with a remote control handset, a ball, and the power of speech. You can control the Fisher Price Big Foot monster in many ways. You can make him walk forward and backwards, but there are also buttons to control his mood. The Fisher Price Big Foot monster can be happy, angry, tired, excited or full of beans.

Kids Building Set

Quite a few companies have brought out a kids building set over the last one hundred years or more, but the two most famous are probably are probably Meccano and Lego. They are both completely different styles of kids building set. Meccano was a collection of pieces of metal or different colours with holes in it at regular intervals, so that they could be bolted together into shapes, whereas Lego is a collection of building blocks that snap together. A child can use either kids building set to make an almost infinite number of structures.


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